The Butterfly Effect has a permanent effect!

We love the Butterfly Effect here at Blackpool Fairness.

Inspirational, thought-provoking and used to spread kindness across Blackpool and beyond.

The world famous Illuminations have been lit up by the fantastic butterfly display which stands proud in the twinkling North Shore sky.

And its inspiration has seen one of the Commission’s staff take the effect one step further.

Amanda Bennett, who has been inspirational in helping to spread the word about Blackpool Fairness, decided she liked the design of the butterfly so much she had it made into a tattoo!


With a love of all things ink, Amanda commissioned Blackpool tattoo parlour Hello Sailor to carry out the work, with a donation from the artwork going to Trinity Hospice on the Fylde as an Act of Kindness.

Blackpool’s Fairness Commission teamed up with San Diego-based artist Tasha Wahl whose Butterfly Effect has raised thousands for charities across the world. Miss Wahl’s Butterfly Effect movement promotes generosity in communities all over the world and is modelled on Edward Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect theory that even the softest flutter of a wing can set off a chain reaction which can amplify a major change.