Special day to tackle loneliness on Grange Park

Posted By BlackpoolFairness on May 27, 2015 |

A special day is designed to help out one of the loneliest areas of Blackpool.

The one day ‘Let’s talk about loneliness’ workshop is calling on Grange Park locals to come find out how they can help people who live alone in the area.

The event comes as Blackpool’s Fairness Commission asks the entire town to think about others and make an effort to go and check on a neighbour or help out an elderly relative.

The Fairness Commission has teamed up with Blackpool Council and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to help turn the tide of what is being called “people poverty”.

The workshop on Thursday 18 September will offer tips for organisations, as well as local residents, about how to combat loneliness.

Dr Arif Rajpura, Chair of the Fairness Commission, said: “Being on your own and alone can, for some people, be really depressing. It becomes a barrier to getting involved in the local community, participating in hobbies they had once enjoyed and can leave people really cut off from the outside world.

“We know the problem is particularly acute with older people and those who live in small flats, but loneliness can happen to anybody. That’s the case with a lot of areas of Blackpool, as well as Grange Park, and we want to get people to reach out and give them a helping hand.

“It really is about getting to know people in your community and finding out what you have in common.  It’s easy to make new friends with people with whom you have shared interests such as football, knitting, baking or perhaps you have children the same age.”

The ‘Let’s talk about loneliness’ event will run on Thursday 18 September between 9.30am and 3pm, with speakers talking about various ways that everybody can help tackle the issue.

If successful, it is hoped to hold the event in other parts of the town in the future.

To book a place on the event, email fairness@blackpool.gov.uk