Loneliness and Social Isolation

Grange Park  Loneliness Project

Blackpool Council and Joseph Rowntree Foundation is working together with Grange Park residents and local partners – to explore what causes loneliness, how community activities could play a central role, and how involvement in these could enhance community well-being : The key focuses are to explored what people who are experiencing loneliness (or at risk of experiencing it) and how they think they could do to change their situation; and to worked with local communities and providers to identify what people can do personally and professionally to reduce loneliness.

For further information see www.jrf.org.uk/topic/loneliness

Please contact marcus.beasley@blackpool.gov.uk for further information on the project and how you can support your community with this project.

Neighbourhoods are where we have our homes. They affect how we feel and our neighbours can be a vital source of support, or a constant  reminder of how lonely we are.