Community Farm

The Community Farm Project is a very exciting opportunity for Blackpool Fairness Commission.

The Board, have identified an opportunity to develop a community farm in the heart one of our local communities, which will improve thequality of life for those living in the immediate neighbourhood and surrounding areas of Blackpool. Fairness Commission ownership of the project will ensure local people play a central role in itsdevelopment and delivery, as well as being key beneficiaries.

By getting involved local people will benefit from improved health andwellbeing and employability. The setting up of a communityfarm in Blackpool is a genuinelyexciting prospect and the initialphase has already attractednotable enthusiasm and support.However, enthusiasm andsupport will not be enough tomake Blackpool Community Farm
a sustainable entity. This will only beachieved through prudent businessplanning, financial accountabilityand above all sound governanceand management.

Through the Fairness Commission structure, the development group have access to a wealth of professional disciplines who can add value as it progresses through the different stages.

The project will be taken forward on behalf of the Fairness Commission by Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside. As important Voluntary Sector Partners in the Fairness Commission structure they are ideally placed to progress this project to delivery.