Community Connectors Project – Proposal for the ‘Fairness Awards’

Posted By BlackpoolFairness on Dec 15, 2015 |

As part of the Fairness Commissions aim to create a ‘Fairer Blackpool’, local Community Connectors have suggested a Fairness Commission’ Award or celebration for young people/schools on how they are making Blackpool a ‘fairer’ and ‘better’ place for all the residents in Blackpool.

So far  the idea is for  young people and especially those  of Primary school age to be  recognise for  their actions and acts that can contribute to a ‘Fairer Blackpool’ as well as an ‘award’ for these actions be they a group award or an individual recognition. There have been  discussion on what these awards could look like but it was felt that the young people themselves need to establish the criteria and that this should be led and developed by young people. So a pilot project has been established at St Johns Primary school and Mereside Boys and Girls Club.

The Fairness Commission have supported this development through a letter from the Chair of the Commission ‘(Arif Rajpura), setting out the challenge and encouraging young people to accept the challenge in how to make Blackpool a fairer place; as well as encouraging young people to become ‘community connectors’.

The pilot will feed back to the Fairness Commission at the end of January 2016.