Blackpool Kindness Convention

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The stage was set, organisations from across Blackpool were invited and school children were poised to perform.

Welcome to #Kindness17 at the resort’s Winter Gardens!

Hundreds of people, from all walks of life across the town, descended on the glorious Spanish Ballroom for a day of activities, keynote speeches and actions in order to make Blackpool the inaugural Capital of Kindness.

While there was diversity in the venue, everyone came with one common cause in mind – to spread kindness.

In a world beset by bad news and acts of violence, cruelty and inequality, Blackpool’s Fairness Commission wants to do its bit to spread kindness across the town (and hopefully beyond) and to set an example to the rest of the UK.

With this in mind, one of the many actions from the day was to take part in 100 Acts of Kindness, where everyone in Blackpool is asked to carry out random acts in order to bring a smile to someone’s day. From taking out the rubbish for an elderly neighbour to going for a coffee with a stranger and sparking up a friendship. It can be pretty much anything that spreads the notion of kindness. To register an an Act of Kindness click here.

Blackpool Mayor, councillor Ian Coleman, is excited about the prospect of Blackpool being a fairer and kinder place for everyone.

He addressed the convention, saying: “We have a great opportunity to make this great town and even better place to live by doing amazing things for people. In my hand I have a card which urges me to spread happiness and kindness to people I might not even know. I like that and I want to continue doing it.

“This is an exciting concept and something I hope everyone with get involved in. There is already kindness in the world, we want to make sure there is more of it. I want you to go away from this convention with kindness in your heart and have it ready to spread.”


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