Be kind and get involved!

Posted By admin on Jul 6, 2017 |

There are dozens – probably hundreds – of ways of getting involved in being kind and spreading kindness.

Taking out the rubbish for an elderly or infirm neighbour, going round to a friend’s house for a brew and offering to wash up, helping someone who is struggling with their shopping to pack, rallying round a community to help people who are suffering.

People are kind everyday in ways they don’t even realise – and now you can register your kindness online.

Blackpool Fairness has teamed up with where you can register your own acts of kindness, just click below to share yours.

Your kindness story


We are aiming for residents in Blackpool to carry out 100 Acts of Kindness and you can be part of this amazing movement! Whatever you do, simply sign up on the link below, do your act of kindness and tell people about it.

Together, we can spread acts of kindness far and wide!