What is a Fairness Commission?

Fairness Commission’s are a voluntary partnership, set up to help ensure an area is fair and equitable. They do this in a number of different ways such as:
• Campaigning for the Living Wage
• Influencing Public Sector Policy Makers
• Helping to determine priorities for an area, through facilitating conversations between the Public Sector and their Citizens

They are important because they bring together a range of partners from across the Public, Private, Voluntary, Community and Faith Sectors who are then galvanised into action to make an area fairer for everyone.

They narrow the gap between those who have and those who have not.

This means different things in different places, there are now more than 20 Fairness Commissions across England and they are all slightly different. One of the wonderful things about the Fairness Commission movement is the lack of prescription around what they should look like – this means each one can be created to meet the needs of its own population.

Blackpool’s Fairness Commission

Blackpool committed to a Fairness Commission in 2012 and over the following three years it has undertaken a number of activities to narrow the gap locally and influence the agenda both regionally and nationally.

In Blackpool, due to the transient nature of the population, the Fairness Commission has largely concentrated on people poverty rather than financial poverty – the development of this work has made it stand out as an innovative and creative Fairness Commission.

Blackpool Fairness Commission is wholly committed to the importance of fairness in all its guises and supports the introduction of the Living Wage wherever possible. However, it also recognises the serious impact on health and well being of having disconnected and disparate communities who in turn lack resilience. The Fairness Commission’s work plan for 2014/15 and 2015/16 has concentrated its efforts largely on connecting communities and building resilience.

The Fairness Commission Board is made up of partners from across the Public, Private, Voluntary and Community Sector, including a Youth Representative.

In addition, there are an unlimited number of members of the Fairness Commission who support the work of the commission.

Could you support the work of the Fairness Commission?

To become a member email fairness@blackpool.gov.uk